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A 'must' on every ASEAN investor's calendar

Invest ASEAN is our flagship conference. It goes beyond the usual financial conversations; bringing together thought leaders and special speakers on topics such as geo-politics, cybersecurity, ethics, climate change, blockchain & cryptocurrency and other major topics to offer a more holistic and timely view of the challenges facing ASEAN.

Year after year, the conference tackles some of the most important issues for the region. Its no-nonsense approach and discussion style have garnered many followers over the years.

This year, Invest ASEAN opened with yet another bold topic on everyone's mind; US-China Rivalry & the New Geopolitics in ASEAN.

Invest ASEAN 2021 - ASEAN Rising

The theme for our iconic Invest ASEAN Conference which is now in its 10th year, is "ASEAN Rising: The Next Decade".

Invest Asean 2021 comprised 10 thematic conversations interspersed by country corporate exclusives showcasing a range of companies, both listed and unlisted, from Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines and Vietnam. Our 10 thematic conversations featured external experts who spoke on salient topics ranging from politics, to digitalisation and sustainability.

Our goal was to capture and highlight the key insights and ideas from our extensive in-country research teams and specialist speakers with regards to the many enduring economic, political and behavioural changes catalysed by Covid-19. We also deep dived into how these lessons and insights can, and should be harnessed by the region's business and political leaders to propel ASEAN's growth over the next decade.