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Over the years we have attracted some of the best people in the business, the kind of talent who can consistently make the leap from facts and data to the realm of ideas and innovation.

We believe diversity and inclusion are not only limited to gender, race, age and ethnicity, but also aspects such as education, mindset and well-being. By infusing these into our core, we will go from a good place to an even better one.

As ASEANʼs leading investment bank, we have integrated all of our people, culture, ideas and influences of Asia into a dynamic, unique team with great ambition.

A workplace culture build on diversity, equity and inclusion

At Maybank, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) have been an integral part of our company culture since we started our Humanising Capital Dashboard over a decade ago in 2009. Apart from engaging and leveraging a wide range of skillsets from an equally wide range of people, we purposefully promote a workplace that champions equality and treats our people without discrimination. In cultivating a sense of inclusivity and belonging, we create an environment that allows our people to show up every day as their authentic selves.

Why are we choosing to humanise financial services starting from the inside out?

A meaningful and enriching employee experience strengthens our values, products and services. This in turn, creates a positive impact on our engagement, productivity and innovation.

Further, our commitment towards DEI has led us to being recognised as the employer of choice in Malaysia.

A look at our multifaceted team in numbers

We continuously carry out efforts to address gender imbalances and contribute to greater diversity, equity, and inclusion in our teams. With the Maybank network spanning across 18 countries, our workforce is made up of (as at end 2020):

  • 40 nationalities consisting 4% Baby Boomers, 42% Gen-X and 54% Gen-Y & Gen-Z
  • 53% of Maybank Group workforce are aged below 40 years old with the majority between 30-35 years old
  • Approximately 95% are permanent employees while contract employees stand at 5%
  • Our male to female ratio is about even with the latter group making 56% of total as at December 2020
  • 60% of the overall Maybank Group employees are at the Executive level, folloed by Non-Executives at 23%. Middle Management to Top Management is at 17%
  • Women representation as at 31 December 2020: Board of Directors (25%), Top Management (34%), Senior Management (40%), Management (47%)