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ASEAN Speaks is a proprietary series of podcasts hosted by our team of analysts, researchers and economists. This series features analysis and ideas from our extensive in-country and regional teams together with the vews of our guest speakers.

Melaka Elections, Top Picks Across Region

00:48 - Malaysia: Potential market sentiment over Barisan Nasionalʼs win in Melaka state elections, and year end KLCI target? 03.10 - Singapore: How will tech stocks continue to perform in light of shortages, and top picks? 06.17 - Thailand...

22 November 2021

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Is Inflation Transitory or Here to Stay

01:30 - The signposts to watch if inflation is transitory 07:00 - BoT holds policy rate and its view on energy markets 08:40 - Philippines: ASEANʼs fastest growing market in 2022 11:50 - Philippines equity strategy 14:28 - Is COP26 the biggest finance...

15 November 2021

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Good Jobs Report. Good Times for Stocks

01:04 - FOMC gets on with taper program 04:13 - ASEAN credit marketsʼ drip test 13:45 - Vietnamʼs economic metrics back in growth mode 16:58 - ASEAN market strategy 18:57 - Singapore banks 3Q review.

8 November 2021

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Malaysia Budget 2022

01:17 - Malaysia Budget 2022 Review 07:09 - Budget implications on credit markets 10:23 - Budget impact on Malaysia equity market 15:06 - Energy prices and FX markets 18:05 - Malaysia aviation sector 22:52 - Thai property sector 25:48...

2 November 2021

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Energy Stocks Surge

Anand Pathmakanthan speaks on the 3Q earnings season to date and how funds flow is rotating. MKEʼs energy research team has revised Brent crude assumptions to US$75/bbl for 2022 and discuss scenarios for an energy super...

25 October 2021

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Crude Palm Oil Markets Rally on Commodities Boom

What are the signposts to watch now that CPO markets have rallied above MYR5000/mt? Monetary Authority of Singapore tightens S$NEER policy band slope earlier than expected. MKEʼs Philippinesʼ...

18 October 2021

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Energy & Commodity Prices Stay Elevated

Kaushal Ladha briefs on this energy cycleʼs supply shock. Key reforms to go green in the 12th Malaysia Plan will also give CPO planters a tailwind for higher pricing power. Vietnam risks falling into a technical recession, is the silver lining in the skies?

11 October 2021

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A Teflon Stock Market

China Evergrande (3333 HK) has missed bond interest payments as of last week. Will this event spiral into a contagion? The Fed will officially kick off the asset purchase tapering at the next FOMC meeting in November, Suhaimi Ilias...

27 September 2021

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ASEAN banks to bite the bullet

Asian governments prefer a dovish fiscal stance vs the hawks in US and Europe. Malaysiaʼs Ministry of Finance has instructed banks to waive interest on loans under moratorium with immediate effect while Bank Indonesia is forcing banks...

20 September 2021

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SEA Ltd - Southeast Asiaʼs Digital Champion

Could ECBʼs recent recall of its pandemic monetary support pressure the US Fed to signal tapering by Sep? MKEʼs portfolio strategist presents his case for improving sell-side sentiment for...

13 September 2021


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Will ASEAN cyclicals sustain their momentum?

US non-farm payrolls missed consensus expectations by a long shot stoking stagflation fears. Will Malaysia's maiden pre-budget meeting boost investor confidence in how the country manages its finances. MKE's Malaysian banks analyst Desmond gives the lowdown on Malaysian banks and his positioning strategy. With China's slowdown, MKE's FX head Sakiandi discusses the risk of RMB devaluation.

7 September 2021

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FED Signals Early Tapering

Winson Phoon shares on what the bond futures market imply about risks following the Fedʼs signal that tapering could occur as early as late 2021. Malaysia has announced its new cabinet lineup; will this announcement improve overall...

30 August 2021

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Malaysiaʼs 9th Prime Minister Takes Office

Malaysia has appointed Datuk Seri Ismail Sabri as its 9th Prime Minister. Will the change bring about the much needed political stability? As the Fed heads into its Kansas City annual conference on Thursday, markets will be watching for clues on what the Fed will do about tackling higher inflation. MKE makes the case for 4 risk factors that will delay the pace of ASEANʼs economic recovery. Thailand will face its first twin deficit since 2013. MKEʼs Thai strategists assess the economy and their portfolio strategy.

24 August 2021

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Investing through Market Cycles

Our Regional Co-Head, Macro Research, Dr Chua Hak Bin argues that ASEANʼs economic outlook will continue to diverge at the country level, well into 2022. MKE launch model portfolio baskets to help clients invest through market cycles. What is priced into FX and credit markets as markets weigh in on the timing of US Fed tapering? Finally, MKE is long CPO sector despite near-term headwinds.

16 August 2021

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Special Edition: Market Themes that Matter

Indonesia's ESG push does not get enough credit from markets. MKE Research downgrades Vietnam as the country loses it grip on containing the Delta variant. Is the anomaly between 10Yr US Treasury and inflation trends expected to last and what is MKEʼs call on USD and ASEAN FX? Anand Pathmakanthan shares his top picks for ASEAN and Thilan Wikramasinghe discusses MASʼ latest move to uplift dividends for Singapore Banks.

9 August 2021

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Interest Rate Cycle & Property Sector

Despite the Fedʼs assurance that higher prices are merely transitory, the uncertainty of its duration leads to higher volatility in the market. Maybank downgrades the Thai property sector; ASEAN Speaks panelists dissect the drivers and explain how property developers are resorting to technology to sustain sales. Stay tuned for these highlights and more.

19 July 2021

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Malaysiaʼs EMCO Disrupts Labour Supply

US 10 year treasury yields continue to compress; Maybank's fixed income team addresses the factors that are driving compression. With political headwinds rising in Malaysia and EMCO impacting labour supply, which industries are least vulnerable? Thailand's hospitality sandbox kicks off in Phuket but reopening plans hang in the balance following the discovery of COVID-19 cases from inbound tourists.

12 July 2021

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Malaysia Announces New RM150bn Economic Package as EMCO Kicks In

Amidst a strong US jobs market, low US treasury yields and VIX, ASEAN equity marketsʼ performance was relatively weak last week, especially Malaysia. Maybankʼs strategists focus on the Delta variantʼs impact on the timeline to recovery and where smart money is flowing.

5 July 2021

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G7 Landmark Agreement on Corporate Tax Reform & the Impact on ASEAN

G7 landmark accord on corporate tax reform aims to end the race to the bottom since the 1980s in which countries have slashed corporate tax rates and provided generous exemptions to attract MNCs. How will ASEAN stay competitive? Maria Lapiz, MKE's Thai Head of Research shares with us the ESG investment landscape in Thailand and her top picks within this category. The Philippines equity market continues to fall further into deep value territory. MKE Phil research desk shares on 8 of their favourite undervalued gems.

28 June 2021

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FOMC, Currencies and Singapore REITs

As Fed shift resets markets, Maybank Kim Engʼs FX strategists discuss about the sensitivity of ASEAN currencies. ASEAN equity markets mostly ended down last week except for Malaysia and Vietnam. Our Singapore REITs and Malaysia property research desks discuss where value can be found.

21 June 2021

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KL Kepongʼs Cash Offer for IJMʼs stake in IJM Plantations

KL Kepong has launched a RM1.5b cash offer to buy IJM's 56% stake in IJM Plantations. Is the deal accretive and are there other noteworthy acquisition targets left within the sector? Thailand's stock market has performed well despite sluggish economic data and concerns over rising Covid cases. Maria Lapiz, Maybank's Thai Research Head shares her insights and her top 3 picks for the remainder of 2021.

14 June 2021

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Malaysiaʼs RM40bn Stimulus Package

Malaysia has announced a RM40bn economic stimulus package to mitigate the impact of its latest lockdown. Malaysian government securities staged a mini rally last week, is it sustainable and should investors sell into strength? Our ASEAN tech team gives the lay of the land for semiconductor suppliers in Malaysia and the global chip shortage. What are insiders doing with ASEAN tech listed companies?

7 June 2021

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U.S. Jobs Report and the FOMC June Meet

U.S. next jobs report on Fri June 4 will signal if employment data is trending above the 3M moving average of 520k monthly additions, potentially fuelling inflation concerns and impacting outcome of June 17 FOMC meeting. Back in ASEAN, with Thailandʼs central bank rates at almost zero, what else can Thailand do to prime its economy in the wake of another Covid breakout? As Malaysia enters into a nationwide total lockdown, will the government impose loan moratorium extensions?

31 May 2021

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